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Rencontrez nos adhérents sur le salon Le Bourget
17 June 2019
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Le Salon réunira l’ensemble des acteurs de l’industrie mondiale autour des dernières innovations technologiques.

Venez découvrir l'excellence des savoir-faire de nos adhérents exposants

  • Aubert et Duval,  Chalet 16 Hall 2b E78
  • Constellium, Chalet 47
  • Danielson Aircraft Systems, Hall 4 B159
  • Favi, Hall 4 FG50
  • Ferry Capitain, Hall 2b C140
  • Fonderie Barbas et Pailly, Hall 4 C150
  • Fonderie de la Varenne, Hall 4 C152
  • Fonderies et Ateliers du Belier, Hall 4 C120
  • Lebronze Alloys, Hall 2b F 187
  • Precicast France, Hall 4 C150
  • Setforge la Clayette S.N., Hall 2b H137
  • Volume-E, Hall 2b CD49


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November 21 2023

Guide to good energy practice and decarbonisation now available

The Federation Forge and Foundry, in conjunction with CETIAT, GRDF, Allice, CETIM and GRTgaz, has drawn up a guide to good energy practice and decarbonisation in forges and foundries (downloadable here 6.7 MB).

This guide consists of 18 action sheets divided into two themes: technical actions on furnaces and heating tools, and organisational or design actions. The sheets are designed to be highly operational, and are intended to help teams in the field and at management level to take simple, low-cost action to improve the energy efficiency and decarbonisation of their processes.

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