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About us
The Fédération Forge Fonderie is the French professional organization of metal shaping industries through forging, casting, metal additive manufacturing and related machining. It consists of 3 industrial unions (“Les Fondeurs de France” for foundry, “Association Française de Forge” for forging, “Moule & Prototype” for molds and prototyping), and unionizes almost 180 industrial member companies, which it represents, defends and advises.
180 entreprises adhérentes 3 syndicats membres
including suppliers to our industry: equipment, maintenance, engineering, consulting, raw materials, energy...




all stakeholders involved with metal shaping through forging, machining and metal additive manufacturing, and be an information, reflexion and exchange collaborative platform, in order to build links between them
the forging, casting, mold and prototype profession as a whole and be its voice, dealing with client sectors, national and international authorities in matters related to economics, regulations, technical issues...
our company members by identifying and anticipating changes that can impact our industry and giving them access to decision-making and strategic-planning tools
for the interests the profession and the companies we serve through awareness rising and lobbying actions


Organization chart


Metalcasting companies   Forging companies   Modelmaking and Prototyping companies
Member of   Member of   Member of
Les Fondeurs de France
President : Nicolas Grosdidier
  Association Française de Forge
President : Emmanuel Vielliard
  Moules & Prototypes
President : Alain Massais
Member of
Fédération forge Fonderie
Board of Directors
President : Patrick Sergeant
Chief Executive
Jean-Luc Brillanceau
Wilfrid Boyault



Territorial footprint


We are headquartered in Paris (La Défense business district)
Our 3 regional delegations cover the entire French territory. Close to our company members, they take over and enhance our actions on the ground and strengthen our links at a local level in an interactive way.


April 5 2018


As a trade fair, CastForge places its focus on castings and forgings and their machining. The industry will meet for the first time in Stuttgart from 5 to 7 June 2018 to present its unique range of products and services. International exhibitors will present their products to a wide range of visitors from mechanical engineering and plant construction, automotive and drive technology, construction machinery, pumps and hydraulic engineering and also the supply industry. The information provided to CastForge visitors is rounded off by other concurrent industry trade fairs: Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo, Engine Expo, Automotive Interiors Expo, Automotive Testing Expo, Surface Technology Germany and LASYS, the international trade fair for laser material processing.


Our exhibitor members :


- Acelor Mittal
- Bourguignon Barré
- Ferry Capitain
- Fonderie Schluberger
- Poclain Technicast
- Preciforge
- Safe Metal
- Stevenin Nolleveaux
- Transvalor
- Zwiebel
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The Fédération Forge Fonderie is the French professional organization of metal shaping industries through forging, casting, metal additive manufacturing and related machining.

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