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Our competences
Thanks to our extensive network of professionals, we make competences and contacts available for active use by our member companies, in order to support them in growing and developing their business.

economics and statistics

• To gather and analyse economical and statistical data related to forging, casting, mold-making and prototyping activities, at national and international levels


• To deliver truthful performance analysis and forecasts, by production technology, by alloy category, by market segment…


• To build and maintain quantitative databases allowing for a regular follow-up or key indicators to our profession; to complete dashboards for the working groups put in place by the Federation and its members


• To address our company members’ requests for documentation on foreign macroeconomic data 

groups, energy and row materials

• To lead working groups dedicated to technologies, markets


• To define and initiate collective research projects to be carried out with forging and casting technical centers


• To relay information and actions implemented by the European organization for forging, casting, molds and prototyping


• To participate as a full partner in collective actions related to energy and raw materials

Employment and training

• To assist our member companies in the implementation of their recruitment policy by giving more visibility to their job offers, encouraging job placement for young graduates and animating a working group dedicated to human resources management


• To ensure a balance between qualification requirements and training programs through permanent dialogue with and between various training institutions


• To help our member companies to implement the collaboration agreements signed with the Ministry of National Education

technical coordination

• Deliver technical advice to our member companies on issues related to their activity: seek for suppliers, technical surveys and reports, technological alternatives…


• To relay customer sectors’ requests for quotation to our company members


• To lead thematic commissions on maintenance, production, security… at production sites


• To monitor regulatory and technological changes


• To take part in national and European research projects, to lead collective actions for energy and process efficiency progress


• To coordinate specialists and academic staff’s contributions to La Revue Forge Fonderie, relying on an extensive network of researchers from France and Europe

communication, events

• To ensure and enhance the public visibility of our profession and members, also with client sectors


• To make available various communication supports in order to project a consistent and positive image of our jobs and careers, and highlight the major contribution of our members’ activity to various industries


• To assist and represent our members at key tradeshows to their activity


• To design and publish the Revue Forge Fonderie

legal and tax

• To train our member companies and raise their awareness about essential legal reflexes for them to secure their business activity


• To assist them in the study and defence of their rights and interests


• To inform them of the latest regulatory, judicial and policy changes which can impact their business activities


• To represent them before public authorities and client sectors (by leading commissions) on tax, legal and contractual issues


• To pilot updates and changes in all standard-form contracts used by European foundries and forging companies

Digitalization « forging and casting X.0 »

• To lead a think tank for and with our members and partners on the challenges and impacts of digitalisation on forging, casting and prototyping industries; to explain the strategic stakes of these changes during working sessions, sites visits, conferences


• To allow our member companies executives to enhance their strategic vision while taking fully into account these impacts of digitalization




Environment, health and security

• To promote the interests of the profession by taking a direct part in drafting the new regulatory texts through working groups led by the French Ministry of Environment


• To guide our members through the implementation of new regulatory changes in their production sites, thanks to our industrial expertise


• To pass on to our members useful and relevant information related to EHS issues: new regulatory contents, new industry guides, best practice exchanges, participation in themed events (guest speakers, sites visits…)


• To lead an efficient network of professionals in EHS so that it can benefit to our members, in particular through the Environment Commission that consists in EHS managers who share their work on thematic issues

February 4 2019

Rencontrez la Fédération Forge Fonderie et nos adhérents sur GLOBAL INDUSTRIE - MIDEST

Le salon GLOBAL INDUSTRIE (regroupant les salons Midest, Smart Industries, Industrie et Tolexpo) ouvrira ses portes du 5 au 8 MARS 2019 à Lyon. Cet événement européen qui se veut tourné vers l'industrie du futur, placé sous le haut patronnage du Président de la République Emmanuel Macron.



- tout l'écosystème industriel (start'ups, offreurs de produits/solutions, équipementiers, sous-traitants, donneurs d'ordres, grands groupes)

- toute la chaîne de valeur (recherche & innovation, conception, production, services, formation)

- toutes les filières utilisatrices (transports & mobilité, énergies, infrastructures, agroalimentaire, biens de consommation, chimie, cosmétologie, pharmacie, mécanique, défense, militaire, métallurgie, sidérurgie)


A cette occasion, venez rencontrer nos adhérents exposants


AB FONDERIE STAND 6N120  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

ALUTEC STAND 6K118  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

BOURGUIGNON-BARRE STAND 6K110  (adhérent Association Française de Forge)

CONTIFONTE STAND 5C150  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

DECAYEUX STI STAND 6K102. 1E80 (adhérent Association Française de Forge)

FAVI STAND 6L111  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FERRY CAPITAIN STAND 5C75  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE BARBAS ET PLAILLY STAND 5H169  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIES DE BROUSSEVAL, STAND 6M118  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE CHAROLLAISE STAND 5F120  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIES DECHAUMONT STAND 6L116   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE GRAVITEC STAND 5A150  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE MATHIEU STAND 5F120  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE MONT BLANC  STAND 5D123  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE NOWAK STAND 6M102  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONTREY STAND 6N113  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

HEINRICH FONDERIE STAND 5D151  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

INOXYDA STAND 6L112   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

LBI FOUNDRIES STAND 6L112  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

OMP SN STAND 6M119.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

PRECICAST STAND 5H169.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

PRECIFORGE STAND 6K110. 1E80 (adhérent Association Française de Forge)

PTP INDUSTRIY STAND 6L119.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

ROANNE FONDERIE STAND 6N113.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE SCHLUMBERGER STAND 5D149.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

SIMOP, Stand  6N164  (adhérents Moule & Prototype)

SOCOMETA FONDERIE STAND 6M107   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

SODAFOM STAND 5B151 (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE TABOURIN et BEZILE STAND 5A150  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

STEVENIN NOLLEVAUX STAND 6L118   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE VINCENT STAND 6P121.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

ZWIEBEL STAND 5D155.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)







Horaires :

Mardi/ Mercredi : 9h – 18h
Jeudi 9h – 20h  Nocturne
Vendredi 9h – 17h


Boulevard de l’Europe
69680 Chassieu

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