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French forge companies, foundries, mold- and model-makers, we can help you run your business
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Reasons to join


- The Fédération Forge Fonderie gathers companies in your industry, represents them and stands up for their interests and rights regardless of their size, production technologies, alloys or markets.


- Making membership in the Fédération Forge Fonderie allows to be delivered, through a one-window access, fast and reliable answers to your issues and needs, provided by professionals recognized for their experience and knowledge of the specifics of your business activity.


- As a member of the Fédération Forge Fonderie, you are directly involved in defining the policies and strategies for your profession in order to defend the rights and common interests of its members and promote its jobs and careers.

- Your membership will also allow you to


  • stay up to date in real time about developments in the general or specific regulatory framework of your business, their impacts, the changes to existing practices that must ensue
  • raise the profile of your company through the Fédération’s companies directory (online and print versions), its websites, its presence on social networks, and other collective communication vectors that enhance the overall image of your profession and its wealth of know-how and experience
  • have access to the calls for tenders issued by client sectors, which they can make available through the Fédération to its members
  • participate in Technical Missions reserved for members, that will allow you to visit other companies within your profession, in France and abroad (for instance in Japan, India, South Korea…)
  • receive for free La Revue Forge Fonderie, authoritative and leading French publication for everyone interested in forging, metalcasting, mold and prototype industries


Becoming a member of your professional organization means

Taking your rightful place within the profession and playing an active role in its bodies and fora

Reinforcing its bargaining power

In dealings with public and private-sector bodies at local, national, European and global levels

Supporting the idea that your business is a strong one, mobilized to keep a bright future in our country

Suppliers to our industries, you have the opportunity to join us under an associated member status. If you wish to find out more about this partnership option and its benefits, please feel free to contact us

How to join ?

If you wish to better understand our role and what we can bring to your business, we kindly invite you to contact us.
Since 1 January 2013, in order to enjoy the competencies and actions that have been pooled into the Fédération Forge Fonderie, each company has to become a member of the Union that represents its profession: Association Française de Forge for forging, Les Fondeurs de France for casting, Moule & Prototype for mold- and prototype making. These unions are the constituent partners of the Fédération Forge Fonderie.

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May 3 2024


For the third time since its creation in 2018, the Fédération Forge Fonderie is partnering Castforge to bring together around thirty French forges and foundries in a "Forge and Foundry Village", which will be exhibiting in Stuttgart from 4 to 6 June 2024.
In Baden-Württemberg, a region with a long tradition of industrial subcontracting, our European neighbours and friends will also be present, along with CAEF, now EFF (European Foundry Federation), and EUROFORGE.
We look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart in June.


CastForge | Messe Stuttgart (


Our memebers in the village forge et fonderie

BAM - Business Alu Masué - Stand : 3D19
Contifonte - Stand : 3D13
Ferry Capitain - Stand : 3F18
Fonderie Rapide Belfortaine - Stand : 3E15
Fontrey - Stand : 3F12
OMP Fonderie - Stand : 3F16
PTP Industrie - Stand : 3E18
Saint Gobain Seva - Stand : 3D15
Setforge - Stand : 3E19
Société Industrielle des Fontes (S.I.F) - Stand : 3E17
VHM Heinrich Fonderie - Stand : 3E14
Zwiebel - Stand : 3E12


Our memebers out of the village 

Bourguignon Barré - Stand : 3C77
Brousseval et Montreuil  - Stand : 5C11
La Fonte Ardennaise LFA - Stand : 5B14
LBI - Les Bronzes d'Industrie - Stand : 3C61
Manquillet Parizel - Stand : 3A54
Préciforge - Stand : 3C75
Schlumberger  - Stand : 5B53
Sifcor Groupe - Stand : 3F52

Walor - Stand : 5C51

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The Fédération Forge Fonderie is the French professional organization of metal shaping industries through forging, casting, metal additive manufacturing and related machining.

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