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Upper Secondary School Open Competition
Excellence in academic achievement
Established in 1744 at the University of Paris, this prestigious annual competition recognizes the most brilliant upper secondary school students.
Excellence in academic achievement

The candidates, who have been selected by their teachers on the basis of the quality of their work prior to the competition, are evaluated through various tests relevant to official school curricula. These tests are however longer and more demanding than the usual school leaving certificate tests.

In 2016, the young candidate could compete in 48 fields (30 for the upper secondary high school open competition and 18 for the technological and vocational education open competition). 17,372 nominees tool part to the tests this year, in France and abroad.


Today’s winners follow in the footsteps of their most distinguished predecessors:
  • politicians: Jean Jaurès, Léon Blum, Georges Pompidou, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, Jean-Louis Bianco, Alain Juppé
  • scientists: Marcellin Berthelot, Louis Pasteur, Laurent Schwartz
  • philosophers, high officials and entrepreneurs: Jules Michelet, Jorge Semprún, Régis Debray, André Miquel, Jacqueline de Romilly, Charles de Croisset, Laurence Giovacchini, Eric-Alexandre Hennekine, Daniel Bouton, Philippe Camus, Raymond Lévy
  • writers: Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt


Who can participate?
Pièce réalisée par les candidats au Concours Général 2017

The contest aims at honouring outstanding students and underlining the excellency of their work, as it can set a shining example for all students. It is open to students during the two last years of upper secondary education coming from public or state-agreed private schools, to graduating students coming from professional and vocational public or state-agreed private schools, as well as to graduating apprentices attending apprentice training centers.


Want to learn more about this contest? We kindly invite you to visit the website of the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research:


2017 winners:
Lauréats du Concours Général des Métiers 2017 - Fonderie
  • 1st prize: M. Patrick CERVOISE, from Lycée Gustave Eiffel, in Armentières
  • 2nd prize: M. Romeo GRAVEZ, from Lycée Hector Guimard, in Lyon
  • 3rd prize: M. Jules QUENARD, from Lycée Henri Brisson, in Vierzon

Each year, several schools preparing students to casting careers suggest candidates, who were selected by their teachers beforehand. After running first tests, only the most outstanding students can perform in the final competition, which is organized by a different school from one year to the next.


The 2016 Awards Ceremony was held in the Sorbonne’s grand amphitheatre, in Paris, in attendance of the French Minister for Education, Higher Education and Research, Mrs. Najat Vallaud Belkacem, who congratulated the laureates and awarded them their prizes. In return, she was presented with the part executed by the students during the final competition.


The Fédération Forge Fonderie, which fully supports the competition, pays tribute to these brilliant young professionals each year in September with an awarding ceremony organized during the graduation ceremony at the Ecole Supérieure de Fonderie et de Forge (ESFF).


Voir la vidéo   Watch a video reportage about the 2012 edition: "Concours Général 2012: un lycéen ardennais 1er au Concours Général"

February 4 2019

Rencontrez la Fédération Forge Fonderie et nos adhérents sur GLOBAL INDUSTRIE - MIDEST

Le salon GLOBAL INDUSTRIE (regroupant les salons Midest, Smart Industries, Industrie et Tolexpo) ouvrira ses portes du 5 au 8 MARS 2019 à Lyon. Cet événement européen qui se veut tourné vers l'industrie du futur, placé sous le haut patronnage du Président de la République Emmanuel Macron.



- tout l'écosystème industriel (start'ups, offreurs de produits/solutions, équipementiers, sous-traitants, donneurs d'ordres, grands groupes)

- toute la chaîne de valeur (recherche & innovation, conception, production, services, formation)

- toutes les filières utilisatrices (transports & mobilité, énergies, infrastructures, agroalimentaire, biens de consommation, chimie, cosmétologie, pharmacie, mécanique, défense, militaire, métallurgie, sidérurgie)


A cette occasion, venez rencontrer nos adhérents exposants


AB FONDERIE STAND 6N120  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

ALUTEC STAND 6K118  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

BOURGUIGNON-BARRE STAND 6K110  (adhérent Association Française de Forge)

CONTIFONTE STAND 5C150  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

DECAYEUX STI STAND 6K102. 1E80 (adhérent Association Française de Forge)

FAVI STAND 6L111  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FERRY CAPITAIN STAND 5C75  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE BARBAS ET PLAILLY STAND 5H169  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIES DE BROUSSEVAL, STAND 6M118  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE CHAROLLAISE STAND 5F120  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIES DECHAUMONT STAND 6L116   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE GRAVITEC STAND 5A150  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE MATHIEU STAND 5F120  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE MONT BLANC  STAND 5D123  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE NOWAK STAND 6M102  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONTREY STAND 6N113  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

HEINRICH FONDERIE STAND 5D151  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

INOXYDA STAND 6L112   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

LBI FOUNDRIES STAND 6L112  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

OMP SN STAND 6M119.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

PRECICAST STAND 5H169.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

PRECIFORGE STAND 6K110. 1E80 (adhérent Association Française de Forge)

PTP INDUSTRIY STAND 6L119.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

ROANNE FONDERIE STAND 6N113.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE SCHLUMBERGER STAND 5D149.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

SIMOP, Stand  6N164  (adhérents Moule & Prototype)

SOCOMETA FONDERIE STAND 6M107   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

SODAFOM STAND 5B151 (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE TABOURIN et BEZILE STAND 5A150  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

STEVENIN NOLLEVAUX STAND 6L118   (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

FONDERIE VINCENT STAND 6P121.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)

ZWIEBEL STAND 5D155.  (adhérent Fondeurs de France)







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